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US History Blended


  • Identify the cause and effect relationship between gains in civil rights and improved socioeconomic status for African Americans
  • Analyze the impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 on the demographic makeup of the United States
  • Explain the events which occurred in 1968.
  • Describe the effect on US political history of the social history of 1968.
  • Evaluate the impact of the civil rights movement and its relationship to Obama’s presidency.

Bell Ringer:

Log in to Kahoot


  1. Play Kahoot
  2. Collect coins for Formatives
  3. Scored 5 or better take Unit 4 Formative Quiz
  4. Assignments to complete
    • #5 Advancement of AA in Ed OR Obama on the March on Washington Disc
    • #6 GR Civil Rights Assign
  5. Summative Essay will open when scored 2 or higher on Quiz
  6. All summative essays MUST be turned in online Thursday!!!

IB 20th Century World p. 5


  • Identify key events, people and ideas that apply to the independence of Asian and various African nations.
  • Apply ideas from Vietnamese Independence to essay questions for paper 2 exam.

Bell Ringer:

Questions about Portfolio Summative Paper 2 Topic 11


  1. Work on Portfolio Summative Paper 2 Topic 11
  2. Port Due at start of class p. 5
  3. Post possible final questions

US History A p. 6



  • Determine the causes and effects of the Voting Rights Act
  • Explain the motivations of both voting rights activists and those seeking to deny the right to vote
  • Analyze the role civil rights leaders played during this era
  • Distinguish between de facto and de jure segregation
  • Make judgments about the protest strategies used during the 1950s as opposed to the 1960s
  • Infer reasons why the Civil Rights movement became increasingly militant in the 1960s

Bell Ringer:

Review Malcolm X Questions


  1. Watch Malcolm X/Complete Questions on Viewing Guide
  2. Completed Viewing Guide due Thursday by end of class

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