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US History Blended


  • Analyze primary sources to explains how changes in the 1950s as a result of growing consumerism had intended and unintended consequences.

Bell Ringer:

Work on Formative Quiz


  1. Formative Quiz
  2. Check in with Instructor/Summative Work

IB 20th Century World p. 5


  • Analyze break down of the Spanish republic and its impact on the rise of the combatants of the Spanish Civil War.
  • Evaluate the elements of government that make it legitimate to its citizens.
  • Compare the policies of the Left/Center/Right and apply them to the Republican vs. Nationalists.
  • Present ideas of policies in Spanish politics as they apply to the combatants of the Spanish Civil War.

Bell Ringer:

Review Republican vs. Nationalist Chart on Schoology


  1. Discuss Republican vs. Nationalist Chart
  2. Read Orwell and Kreitner
  3. Legitimacy Questions
  4. Left/Right/Center Media Pres
  5. Complete Nationalist vs. Republican Discussion

US History A p. 6


  • Understand the cause and effect relationship between events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement
  • Identify strategies used to fight segregation during the Civil Rights Movement
  • Predict possible future Civil Rights issues, analyze methods used to fight segregation and the major civil rights organizations leading this movement.

Bell Ringer:

Review Brown v. Board Cartoon on Prezi


  1. Complete Brown v. Board Discussion
  2. Work on VOC Ch 14
  3. Take VOC Quiz by end of class


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