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US History Blended


  • Analyze the economic, political and social changes that occurred in Postwar America.
  • Explain white flight to the suburbs and its effect on “the Other America” as described by Michael Harrington.

Bell Ringer:

Open Michael Harrington’s Other America Reading/House We Live In Video


  1. Ind/ #6 Michael Harrington’s Other America
  2. Whole Group/ #7 White Flight Discussion
  3. Intro Summative
  4. Take Unit 3 1950s Quiz by Thursday!

IB 20th Century World p 5


  • Analyze the political fragmentation of Spain in the early 20th century and examine its cause for the Spanish Civil War.
  • Examine a propaganda poster for the Spanish Civil War and anayze its message and synthesize its content to create their own poster.
  • Identify ideas of anarcho-syndicalism and other terminology surrounding the Spanish Civil War.

Bell Ringer:

Work on Spanish Propaganda OPVL


  1. Complete OPVL
  2. Spanish Civil War Posters/Due start of class tom

US History A p. 6


  • Analyze primary sources to design a poster which explains how changes in the 1950s as a result of growing consumerism had intended and unintended consequences.

Bell Ringer:

Report to MC


  1. Intro Summative Project
  2. Discuss Pt. I, II and III
  3. Work on Summative/Due on Thursday at end of class!


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