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US History A Blended


  • Identify and analyze the end of WWII as VE Day, May 8 1945.
  • Analyze the Potsdam Conference.
  • Identify the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and their significance in the World War.
  • Analyze the magnitude of the dropping of the A-bomb on world events.
  • Analyze the events surrounding the dropping of the atomic bombs in Japan to end WWII.
  • Discuss and judge Truman’s decision to drop the A-bomb and the implications of that decision.
  • Evaluate the impact of WWII on the advancement of minorities in the US.

Bell Ringer:

Review Prezi End of WWII Timeline


  1. Whole Group Presentation:  End of War Timeline Media Pres
  2. Collab/Ind Checkins:  Work on Timeline
  3. Ind Form:  #11 Atomic Bomb Discussion
  4. Whole Group Presentation:  Effect of WWII on Minorities Pres

IB 20th Century World p. 4


  • Analyze the political and territorial reasons and justifications for the Falklands War.
  • Apply ideas from Falklands War to evaluate the justification for territorial disputes with respect to the Falklands War.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Falklands Causes Discussion


  1. Work on Falklands Causes Disc
  2. Assign Causes/Media Presentation
  3. Present by end of class

US History A p. 6


  • Evaluate the impact of WWII on the advancement of minorities in the US.

Bell Ringer:

Review Rosie the Riveter Poster


  1. Discuss Poster Analysis
  2. Discuss Effects of WWII on Minorities
  3. Watch Japanese Relocation Video
  4. Work on REQ Formatives/Due Tom to be eligible for retakes
  5. Summative Pt. I tom in class!!!!

US History B p. 7


  • Describe the growth and diversity of the Latino Population in the United States
  • Summarize the efforts of Latinos to secure civil rights and respect for their cultural heritage
  • Explain the efforts of Native Americans to secure reforms in government policies

Bell Ringer:

Open RG Assignment in Schoology Folder


  1. Read Aloud RG/Discuss
  2. Discuss Similarities/Differences Latinos and Native Americas
  3. Discuss Req Formatives:  Essay/CLSAssign/Outline
  4. Work on Req Formatives


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