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US History A p. 3/6


  • Identify the cause and effect relationship between gains in civil rights and improved socioeconomic status for African Americans
  • Analyze the impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 on the demographic makeup of the United States
  • Explain the events which occurred in 1968.
  • Describe the effect on US political history of the social history of 1968.

Bell Ringer:

Review Civil Rights in 1968


  1. Discuss Violence in 1968
  2. Watch DNC Riot Clip
  3. Take Civil Rights Quiz
  4. Complete Eval of AA in Education Disc
  5. Finish GR/Outline/CLSassigns Due Thursday
  6. Final Thursday!!!!

IB 20th Century World p. 5


  • Identify key events, people and ideas that apply to the independence of Asian and various African nations.
  • Apply ideas from Vietnamese Independence to essay questions for paper 2 exam.

Bell Ringer:

Preview Paper 2 Topic 8 Questions


  1. Discuss Requirements for Port
  2. Review Essay Questions for Final
  3. Final Tom! 50 min writing

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