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US History A


  • Identify and analyze the events of the Holocaust and its lasting affects.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Jewish Refugee discussion


  1. Get into Reading Groups
  2. Read Night p. 28-46
  3. Take Night Quiz/Must be finished Monday at end of class

IB 20th Century History


  • Explain the origins of anti-colonialism and the rise of nationalism in India.
  • Evaluate the impact of anti-colonialism and rise of nationalism in India on a movement towards independence.

Bell Ringer:

Look for Anti-colonialism vs. Nationalism Presentation and Indian Independence Graphic Organizers in Schoology Unit 1 India folder.


  1.  Watch Anti-Colonialism vs. Nationalism MrW Production: 
  2. Watch Hans Rosling Presentation:
  3. Discuss Indian Independence Organizers
  4. Review Vadney, Lowe and Strayer readings Due Monday!

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