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  1.  Handout Pics
  2. Student Handbook 

US History A


  • Identify instructor and background.
  • Explain one element about the background of instructor or fellow student.
  • Understand and summarize main ideas of classroom procedures, expectations and objectives.
  • Analyze thematic focus of course.

Bell Ringer:

Think about the following question:  Have you ever been taught how to take notes?


  1.  Discuss answers
  2. Cornell Notes Presentation
  3. Write Questions?
  4. Bloom’s/Costa’s Levels of Understanding
  5. Summary/Collect

IB 20th Century World


  • Identify the requirements for the HL IB year 2 course.
  • Organize and plan a presentation about their summer break.
  • Create a creative presentation that details the account of their summer.
  • Analyze the presentations of students to evaluate what would be the most accurate account of the summer break.

Bell Ringer:

Create Graphic Organizers


  1.  Check organizers
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Work on Presentations/Due Monday!