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US History B


  • Summarize US actions taken to influence Central American and Caribbean affairs
  • Describe the events leading up to the Iran-Contra scandal
  • Analyze US involvement in the Persian Gulf War
  • Summarize Reagan’s economic programs
  • Analyze and evaluate liberalism vs conservativism in domestic and foreign affairs.
  • Identify the reasons for the resurgence of conservative values, and list the major goals of the New Right
  • Analyze the emergence of Reagan and Bush as conservative leaders

Bell Ringer:

Finish Outlines


  1.  Turn in all Formative work/Folder closes at 2pm
  2. Take Unit 4 Summative Pt. I and II



  • Understand and outline the debate over Canadian conscription at the outset of the WWI war.
  • Interview and organize the ideas of those in favor of volunteering or conscription.

Bell Ringer:

Get into assigned groups


  1.  Discuss Volunteering vs. Conscription/Assigned Roles
  2. Canadian Conscription Newspaper Articles

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