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US History B p. 1


  • Summarize US actions taken to influence Central American and Caribbean affairs
  • Describe the events leading up to the Iran-Contra scandal
  • Analyze US involvement in the Persian Gulf War
  • Summarize Reagan’s economic programs
  • Analyze and evaluate liberalism vs conservativism in domestic and foreign affairs.
  • Identify the reasons for the resurgence of conservative values, and list the major goals of the New Right
  • Analyze the emergence of Reagan and Bush as conservative leaders

Bell Ringer:

Complete Obama Discussion


  1.  Discuss Obama Presidency
  2. Kahoot Review
  3. Complete Ch 19/20 Outline
  4. Test on Friday!!!!


  1.  PCTV Announcments
  2. Financing College Presentation
  3. Review Grades 6 DAYS OF SCHOOL TO GO!!!!

US History B p. 4


  • Analyze 9/11 and evaluate the reasons behind its occurrence and President Bush’s reaction based on media responses with a conservative/liberal response.

Bell Ringer:

Review Ch 20 Sec 3-4 VOC


  1.  Discuss Ch 20 Sec 3-4 VOC
  2. Guided Viewing Liberal vs Conservative Media on 9/11
  3. Complete 9/11 Persuasive Response
  4. Test on Friday!!!!

IB HOA p. 5


  • Understand and outline the debate over Canadian conscription at the outset of the WWI war.
  • Interview and organize the ideas of those in favor of volunteering or conscription.

Bell Ringer:

Review Volunteer vs Conscription Notes on Prezi


  1.  Discuss Volunteer vs Conscription Notes on Prezi
  2. Read Emerging Identities
  3. Complete Conscription Debate Disc Questions
  4. Assign Conscription POV for Friday Disc

IB HOA p. 7


  • Identify the economic, political and social impact of WWI on Canada
  • Analyze the economic context of mobilization for Canada in WWI
  • Evaluate the effect of economic mobilization for war by Canada on conscription.

Bell Ringer:

Review Economic Mobilization notes in Prezi


  1.  Discuss Economic Mobilization notes
  2. Complete Mobilization Media Presentations
  3. Use Mobilization Pres to complete Discussion Questions.

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