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US History B p. 1


  • Analyze 9/11 and evaluate the reasons behind its occurrence and President Bush’s reaction based on media responses with a conservative/liberal response.

Bell Ringer:

Review Ch 20 Sec 3-4 VOC


  1.  Discuss Ch 20 Sec 3-4 VOC
  2. Guided Viewing Liberal vs Conservative Media on 9/11
  3. Complete 9/11 Persuasive Response
  4. Test on Friday!!!!

IB HOA p. 5/6


  • Examine the economic mobilization of Canada during WWI.
  • Analyze the effects of mobilization for war on Canada in WWI.

Bell Ringer:

Review Economic Mobilization notes in Prezi


  1.  Discuss Economic Mobilization notes
  2. Complete Mobilization Media Presentations
  3. Use Mobilization Pres to complete Discussion Questions.

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