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US History B


  • Analyze the Clinton presidency.

Bell Ringer:

Complete Late 20th Century Foreign Affairs Chart Disc


  1.  Finish Discussion
  2. GV Clinton
  3. Occupational Wars CLSAssign due next Fri
  4. Assign #1-8 Due next Fri



  • Identify Canadian foreign policy at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Interpret Canada’s role as a dominion within the British Empire and its impact on fighting in WWI.
  • Apply information about Canada’s foreign to examine its involvement in WWI.

Bell Ringer:

Examine Unit 4 Canada and WWI Prezi


  1.  Discuss Canadian Foreign Policy Notes
  2. Complete GR:  A History of the Canadian Peoples
  3. Take GR:  A History of the Canadian Peoples Quiz


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