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US History B p. 1


  • Summarize Reagan’s economic programs
  • Analyze and evaluate liberalism vs conservativism in domestic and foreign affairs.

Bell Ringer:

Log on to Nearpod Survey on Nearpod App or at


  1.  Liberal vs. Conservative Survey
  2. Complete Political Spectrum Discussion based on Survey Results
  3. Occupational War CLSA Pres Due Friday
  4. At Home Formatives #1-8 Due Friday

IB HOA p. 5/6


  • Compare the ideas of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points to the actual Treaty of Versailles.
  • Analyze primary documents to develop and create a graphic organizer that explains the reasons for or against the ideas of creating a League of Nations.
  • Evaluate the isolationist perspective which prevented the US from entering the League of Nations.

Bell Ringer:

Review Requirements for How Isolationist Were We Essays?


  1. Write Essays!  30 min
  2. Examine How Isolationist Were We? Notes on Prezi
  3. Good Neighbor Policy Video
  4. American Influence in LA Discussion and Read Born in Blood 200-207 and Hist or LA 563-73.

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