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US History B


  • Identify the reasons for the resurgence of conservative values, and list the major goals of the New Right
  • Analyze the emergence of Reagan and Bush as conservative leaders

Bell Ringer:

Review Ronald Reagan in Prezi


  1. Frayer Model Ronald Reagan
  2. Discuss CLSAssign Occupational Wars
  3. Review At Home Formative/Complete Assign’s #1-4 by Monday



  • Compare the ideas of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points to the actual Treaty of Versailles.
  • Analyze primary documents to develop and create a graphic organizer that explains the reasons for or against the ideas of creating a League of Nations.

Bell Ringer:

Review Treaty of Versailles Notes on Prezi


  1.  Discuss Treaty of Versailles
  2. For/Against Treaty Chart
  3. Read “Major Problems in American Foreign Policy” Chart

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