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US History B


  • Analyze Carter’s response to the hostage crisis in Iran.
  • Simulate the processes used by Carter in the Iran hostage crisis.

Bell Ringer:

Open the Iran Hostage Crisis Simulation


  1.  Complete Pt. I and II as whole group
  2. Discuss Pt. III and Pro/Con List
  3. Complete Pt. IV
  4. Summative Tom 1st hour/Wed 4th hour



  • Explain how the US government mobilized the nation for WWI.
  • Analyze the elements of US mobilization for WWI.
  • Evaluate propaganda that was created to promote American mobilization to war.

Bell Ringer:

Review War Production Chart on Prezi


  1.  War Production in US WWI Discussion
  2. Complete Espionage and Sedition Acts Discussion
  3. WWI Propaganda Poster Analysis Due
  4. Read Inventing America and Education of Woodrow Wilson by end of the week


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