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US History B p. 4


  • Describe Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s political positions and how they were affected by past administrations.
  • Analyze the factors which influenced Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s presidencies and politics.

Bell Ringer:

Review Energy Crisis Discussion on Schoology


  1. Watch Video on Energy Crisis
  2. Work on iMovies/Due on Friday before class starts!!!!
  3. Start working on Assignments #8-11 Due Monday

IB HOA p. 6/7


  • Develop a knowledge of WWI warfare and its impact on American foreign affairs.
  • Choose a source to develop specific background knowledge of WWI.
  • Evaluate sources for their content by explaining their value and limitation with respect to their origin and purpose.
  • Analyze the impact of the Zimmerman Note and the full mobilization effort for American entrance in WWI.

Bell Ringer:

Review Notes on Prezi about UBoats and Zimmerman Telegraph


  1.  Discuss UBoats and Zimmerman Telegraph
  2. Watch WWI Rap Battle
  3. WWI Media Presentations p 148-53
  4. Present Answers
  5. Answer Why US entered WWI Discussion in Schoology?
  6. Read The American Promise, A History of the United States, Vol. II. Pg 787-810.

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