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US History B P. 4


  • Describe the flowering and decline of the counterculture in the 1960s
  • Summarize the impact of the counterculture on art, fashion, music, and attitudes
  • Explain the conservative response to the counterculture

Bell Ringer:

Review Counterculture Frayer Model


  1.  Discuss Counterculture
  2. GV:  Woodstock

IB HOA P. 6/7


  • Analyze and explain the relationship between Teddy Roosevelt and US Imperialism in the Americas.
  • Evaluate the value and limitations of a source based on its origin and purpose.

Bell Ringer:

Complete the Roosevelt Corollary Discussion


  1.  Roosevelt Corollary Disc
  2. World’s Constable Cartoon
  3. Doc Analysis Assessment World’s Constable Cartoon
  4. Read pg 200-209 in Chasteen text and 275-277 in Keen.

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