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US History B


  • Describe the growth and diversity of the Latino Population in the United States
  • Summarize the efforts of Latinos to secure civil rights and respect for their cultural heritage
  • Explain the efforts of Native Americans to secure reforms in government policies

Bell Ringer:

Go over RG assignment


  1.  Discuss RG assignment/questions
  2. Discuss Latino/Native Chart
  3. Write Latino/Native American Civil Rights Essay
  4. GR Social Movements Due by Friday or will be marked absent for Tom!



  • Outline US foreign policy at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Develop and create a media presentation highlighting the evaluation of this policy using political propaganda/cartoons from the time.

Bell Ringer:

Review US and diplomacy Unit 2 Prezi


  1.  Go over Foreign Policy Notes
  2. Complete American Diplomacy at the Turn of the Century Presentation p. 133-137:    
    • 1. Open Door Policy  2. Big Stick 3. Teddy Roosevelt 4. The Panama Canal 5. Roosevelt Corollary  A.  Extraterritoriality
  3. Read Inventing America reading

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