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US History B p. 1


  • Review and identify major ideas, events and people involved with the Vietnam War.
  • Summarize Vietnam’s history, how the United States became involved in the Vietnam conflict and its the expansion of U.S. military involvement under President Johnson
  • Summarize the methods of jungle warfare and its effect on soldiers fighting in Vietnam.
  • Draw conclusions as to the ethical questions surrounding such a policy in times of war.
  • Describe Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization and the public’s reaction the Vietnam war during Nixon’s presidency

Bell Ringer:

Review sign up to Kahoot


  1.  Kahoot Review Vietnam
  2. Unit 1 Summative Objective
  3. Unit 2 Summative Essay

IB HOA p. 5/6


  • Identify the impact of media and yellow journalism on the Spanish-American War.
  • Analyze the relationship between the Spanish-American War and Yellow Journalism as well as its affect on American Society.

Bell Ringer:

Complete What’s Up Doc? Yellow Journalism


  1.  Discuss Yellow Journalism
  2. Yellow Journalism Summative (Due Thursday at end of day)
  3. Finish Objective Tests

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