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  1.  Get Schedules
  2. Review Guidelines for classes/changing
  3. Remind to bring PP on Wed

US History B


  • Identify instructor and background.
  • Explain one element about the background of instructor or fellow student.
  • Understand and summarize main ideas of classroom procedures, expectations and objectives.
  • Analyze thematic focus of course.

Bell Ringer:

Answer questions on notecard from Prezi


  1.  Finish up questions
  2. Pair Share 2 things from Questions 3-10
  3. Class Share 1 item from partner
  4. Syllabus Review/Letter Home



  • Plan, summarize, evaluate, analyze and reflect about an historical investigation question.

Bell Ringer:

Hand back Methods of History Assignments


  1.  Review Papers/Nature of History Summative I
  2. Take Nature of History Summative II
  3. In LC rest of week to work on IA!!!!

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