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US History A


  • Review ideas, terms and concepts related to Civil Rights Movement.
  • Identify ideas, terms and concepts related to Civil Rights Movement.
  • Analyze the causes and effects which resulted in the start of Civil Rights Movement, evaluate its effects of on American society.

Bell Ringer:

Sign in to Kahoot


  1. Review for final Unit Test
  2. Finish Outline/CLSAssign/GR assigns
  3. Study for Final Summative Thursday

US History B


  • Analyze 9/11 and evaluate the reasons behind its occurrence and President Bush’s reaction based on media responses with a conservative/liberal response.

Bell Ringer:

Obama Discussion


  1. Complete Obama Discussion
  2. GV Faren-Hype Questions
  3. 9/11 Discussion
  4. Final Tom!  Know difference between Liberal/Conservative and Foreign/Domestic Policy




  • Explain ideas of slavery in the United States and analyze the institution in the Caribbean, Latin and South America.
  • Analyze the relationships between the 19th century geographical expansion West in the Americas, the rise of industrialization and the long range  political, economic and social implications on history in various countries in the Americas.
  • Analyze the political, economic and social changes in one region of the Americas impact various ideological trends.
  • Compare and contrast the solution to civil rights questions presented by Booker T Washington, WEB Dubois and Marcus Garvey.

Bell Ringer:

Pick up Peer Assessment Sheet


  1.  Watch and assess Harlem Renaissance videos
  2. Review Unit 3 Essays
  3. Discuss Paper 1 Breakdown
  4. Watch Final Review Show Me Video.

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