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US History A


  • Identify Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  • Analyze the Bus Boycott and explain the tentative nature of the event on society and politics.
  • Compare and contrast the motivations and actions taken during the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Identify the obstacles faced by African-American protestors
  • Make distinctions between forms of protests
  • Analyze the role civil rights leaders played during this era

Bell Ringer:

Review MLK and Malcolm X Notes


  1.  Review Essay Assignment
  2. Write Comp/Contr Essay MLK vs Malcolm X (due at end of class)

US History B


  • Summarize Reagan’s economic programs
  • Analyze and evaluate liberalism vs conservativism in domestic and foreign affairs.

Bell Ringer:

Open up Liberal vs Conservative Discussion


  1.  Nearpod Survey
  2. Discuss Liberal vs. Conservative/Answer Disc Questions
  3. Work on Occupational War CLSAssign (Due Thursday)
  4. Take Ch 19 Sec 1-2 Quiz



  • Debate the effectiveness of Progressive reforms in preventing unfair business practices and political corruption and in promoting social justice.
  • Relate the creation of African American advocacy organizations (i.e., the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to United States Supreme Court decisions (i.e.,Plessy v. Ferguson) and state and local governmental policies.

Bell Ringer:

Prep for Mock Trial


  1.  Plessy v Ferguson Mock Trial
  2. Complete Self Assessment

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