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  1. PCTV Announcements
  2. Review Due Date for PP Check for Evidence Product
  3. Report to Auditorium at 9:10 am

US History B


  • Analyze Carter’s response to the hostage crisis in Iran.
  • Describe Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s political positions and how they were affected by past administrations.
  • Analyze the factors which influenced Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s presidencies and politics
  • Identify the chain of events which led to Gerald Ford’s presidency.
  • Identify the political positions of each president since 1960.
  • Analyze how they impacted political history through the influence of economic, social and environmental issues.

Bell Ringer:

Finish all At Home Formative Quizzes!


  1. Take Unit 3 Summative Objective Test
  2. Take Unit 3 Summative Essay Test



  • Debate the effectiveness of Progressive reforms in preventing unfair business practices and political corruption and in promoting social justice.
  • Relate the creation of African American advocacy organizations (i.e., the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to United States Supreme Court decisions (i.e.,Plessy v. Ferguson) and state and local governmental policies.

Bell Ringer:

Choose groups for Mock Trial of Plessy v Ferguson


  1.  Review Details of Case
  2. Allow groups to work on preparation for trial
  3. Trial will be Monday!



  • Explain the social, economic and legal conditions of African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century US.
  • Explain how and why the position of African Americans improved in the US society between 1877-1945.
  • Analyze the relationship between Jim Crow laws and economic conditions of African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century US.
  • Determine the economic impact of Jim Crow on African Americans today.

Bell Ringer:

Prepare for Socratic Seminar/Complete Southern Tenant Farmer Discussion


  1.  Finish Discussion
  2. Socratic Seminar
  3. Economic Bill of Rights Assign Due Next Class Meeting
  4. Start Reviewing Mock Trial Assign/Will start next class


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