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US History A


  • Analyze the economic, political and social changes that occurred in Postwar America.
  • Explain white flight to the suburbs and its effect on “the Other America” as described by Michael Harrington.

Bell Ringer:

Review Prezi Other America Notes


  1.  Discuss Other America Notes
  2. Watch “The House We Live In”
  3. Review 1950s Summative Pt. II (Due Next Friday!)
  4. Complete White Flight Discussion

US History B

  • Analyze Carter’s response to the hostage crisis in Iran.
  • Simulate the processes used by Carter in the Iran hostage crisis.

Bell Ringer:

Take the Nixon and Ford Quiz


  1.  Work on Nixon and Ford Quiz
  2. Iran Hostage Crisis Simulation Pt. I and II



  • Understand and describe the ideas of continuity and change in historical context.
  • Identify and explain an awareness of change and continuity in human affairs and sensitivity to causation and context with reference to time and place.

Bell Ringer:

Review IA Folder and Prezi


  1.  Discuss Continuity and Change
  2. Read P. 27-32 in Methods and Skills
  3. Complete Set A Exercise 1/Turn in at end of class
  4. Review Topic and Questions with students

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