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US History A


  • Analyze the military campaigns, political decisions and efforts on the home front that won World War II.
  • Identify and describe the Allied plan, events or battles and eventual victory/liberation of Europe and the Pacific.
  • Identify and describe the Allied plan, events or battles and eventual victory over Japan.

Bell Ringer:

Review European vs Pacific Theater


  1. Watch Iwo Jima Video
  2. WWII Soldier RAFT
  3. Discuss End of War Timeline

US History B


  • Describe the TET offensive and its effect on the American Public
  • Explain the domestic turbulence of 1968
  • Describe the 1968 presidential election
  • Describe Nixon’s policy of Vietnamization
  • Explain the public’s reaction the Vietnam war during Nixon’s presidency
  • Describe the end of US involvement and the final outcome in Vietnam
  • Examine the war’s painful legacy in the US and Southeast Asia

Bell Ringer:

Finish Ch 16 Sec 3/4 VOC


  1.  Work on Vocab
  2. Complete Ch 16 Sec 3/4 VOC Quiz
  3. Work on GR:  LBJ 1968



  • Identify ideas, terms and events dealing with Westward Expansion in the US.
  • Analyze Westward Expansion in the US and its relationship to Manifest Destiny.
  • Examine a historical account and determine which meaning of history an author intends, the past itself or an account of that past.
  • Distinguish between fact or opinion of historical writing and determine if opinion is validated by supporting points.

Bell Ringer:

Sit in groups from previous class


  1.  Complete 1 Group set of answers to questions from HOA Comp Text Reading/Jigsaw:
    • Canadian Confederation p 88-94      
    • US Mexican War p 95-103          
    • Canada A Nation p 104-108  
    • Native Plight  p. 109-112
  2. Present the Past/p. 14 Methods and Skills
  3. Methods and Skills p 11-17 Set A Ex 1-3
  4. Read the American Promise Text 305-314 and 339-357 as well as “The Planting of the West,” from The Penguin History of the USA.  Brogan, Hugh.  P. 219-48.

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