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US History A


  • Analyze the military campaigns, political decisions and efforts on the home front that won World War II.
  • Identify and describe the Allied plan, events or battles and eventual victory/liberation of Europe and the Pacific.
  • Identify and describe the Allied plan, events or battles and eventual victory over Japan.

Bell Ringer:

Review WWII Notes and Prezi


  1.  Discuss WWII Notes
  2. Finish Night Quiz
  3. WWII Quiz #1
  4. Research Guide D-Day Invasion

US History B


  • Identify how America became involved in Vietnam, the methods of jungle warfare and its effect on soldiers fighting in Vietnam as well as themes common with fighting in Vietnam.
  • Explain the draft policies that led to the Vietnam War becoming a working-class war.
  • Trace the roots of opposition to the war and draw conclusions as to the ethical questions surrounding such a policy in times of war.
  • Analyze various secondary sources to understand the reasons for entering the war in Vietnam.

Bell Ringer:

Vietnam War Tactics Discussion


  1.  Watch Video and complete Discussion
  2. Groups for Vocab Assign/Due Wed at end of class



  • Identify events and people surrounding the Market Revolution in the US.
  • Analyze the relationship between the geographical expansion west in the US and the rise of the Market Revolution.

Bell Ringer:

Review Unit 2 Prezi Dev of Industrial Nation


  1.  Discuss Market Rev Notes
  2. Market Revolution Analysis (Can do in pairs)/Due Thursday
  3. Read the American Promise Text 305-314 and 339-357 as well as “The Planting of the West,” from The Penguin History of the USA.  Brogan, Hugh.  P. 219-48 by Monday

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