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US History A


  • Explain the rise of dictators, the beginnings of WWII and American response.
  • Identify and analyze the rise of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes that emerged in Europe and Asia during the 1930’s.
  • Analyze American isolationism during the 1930s and its effect on world affairs.

Bell Ringer:

Open the Treaty of Versailles Doc Analysis in Schoology.


  1. Read Aloud Treaty of Versailles Response
  2. Complete Discussion
  3. Present Cause and Effect Chart
  4. WWII Cause and Effect Essay

US History B


  • Summarize Vietnam’s history as a French colony and its struggle for Independence
  • Examine how the United States became involved in the Vietnam conflict
  • Describe the expansion of U.S. military involvement under President Johnson

Bell Ringer:

Complete Cold War Discussion


  1.  Discuss Brainstorm
  2. Ch 16 Sec 1 VOC
  3. Preview Outline/GR/CLSAssign
  4. Ch 16 Sec 2 VOC Quiz due Wed by end of class



  • Identify the conditions of free blacks in the American North during the early 19th century.
  • Analyze the condition “freedom” for African Americans in North America during the early to mid 19th century. 

Bell Ringer:

Complete What’s Up Doc? Frederick Douglass


  1.  Complete What’s Up Doc?
  2. Frederick Douglass Timeline
  3. Read Ch 1 Born in Blood p 39-44 and HLA Ch 6 p 131-134

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