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US History A


  • Identify instructor and background.
  • Identify and understand course objectives, expectations and outline.
  • Understand and create notes using the Cornell Notes Format.

Bell Ringer:

Complete the statement “I am _______.”


  1.  I am Poems
  2. Pair Share
  3. Syllabus Questions
  4. Review Questions
  5. Preview US History A Schoology
  6. Letters Home

IB HOA P. 5/6


  • Identify the institution of slavery and its origins.
  • Analyze the institution of slavery in the Americas its origins, the condition of its members the adaptations and resistance to it over time.

Bell Ringer

Review Unit 1 Prezi


  1.  Preview Unit
  2. Ted Lesson Atlantic Slave Trade
  3. Peculiar Institution Reading 5 Groups
    1. Cotton and Slavery
    2. Conditions of enslavement
    3. Slavery comparisons
    4. Adaptation to slavery
    5. Resistance to slavery
  4. Present Details
  5. Connecting Slavery to Today Discussion (Ted Talk)
  6. Read American Promise Ch 3 p 54-80 and Ch 5 112-142 by Friday