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US History A

  • Explain the international and domestic tensions resulting from the Cold War.
  • Summarize the methods used to contain Soviet influence such as the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan and how they deepened Cold War tensions.
  • Analyze how conflict over Germany increased the fears of Soviet aggression.

Bell Ringer:

Finish Cold War Quiz


  1. Move into work groups
  2. Discuss Cause/Effect Essays in Groups
  3. Berlin Airlift Discussion (Whole Group)

IB HOA P. 6/7


  • Identify the significant events and ideas of British taxation that increased ideas of American Independence.
  • Analyze the events that led to the Revolutionary War using methods of historical inquiry.

Bell Ringer:

Review Ideas of Independence Notes on Prezi


  1. Discuss Notes
  2. Four Groups/Save the Last Word
  3. Share Post Its
  4. Read Breen, Nash and Farling Articles on Schoology/10 Annotations from each article