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US History A


  • Identify and analyze the end of WWII as VE Day, May 8 1945.
  • Analyze the Potsdam Conference.
  • Identify the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and their significance in the World War.
  • Analyze the magnitude of the dropping of the A-bomb on world events.
  • Analyze the events surrounding the dropping of the atomic bombs in Japan to end WWII.
  • Discuss and judge Truman’s decision to drop the A-bomb and the implications of that decision.

Bell Ringer:

Read and complete the ABomb Point/Counterpoint and complete Discussion on Schoology


  1. Complete A Bomb Disc on Schoology  
  2. Go over Missing Assign w/groups
  3. Philosophical Chairs
  4. Reflect on Abomb comment



  • Students will use identify major ideas, events and people involved in the independence movements of the Americas.

Bell Ringer

Access Vocab Review Terms on Schoology


  1.  Study for Formative Objective Test
  2. Take Formative Test
  3. Start Summative SA Ind Summary Media Presentation Due Wed