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US History A


  • Explain the rise of dictators, the beginnings of WWII and American response.
  • Identify and analyze the events of the Holocaust and its lasting affects.
  • Analyze American involvement in WWII from 1939-1941.

Bell Ringer:

Go to Schoology and take WWII Quiz #1


  1. Take Quiz/When finished work on late work or start Isolationism vs. Interventionist Chart
  2. Read Aloud FDR Pearl Harbor Address



  • Identify the roles of leadership shown by Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson in the American Revolution.
  • Analyze Common Sense and The Declaration of Independence to compare Pain and Jefferson’s role as leaders.

Bell Ringer:

Copy Jefferson vs. Paine T Chart


  1. Disc T-Chart
  2. Pg. 22 and 32 HOA Comp Text
  3. Schoology Assign Paine vs. Jefferson!

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