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US History A


  • Explain the rise of dictators, the beginnings of WWII and American response.
  • Identify and analyze the rise of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes that emerged in Europe and Asia during the 1930’s.
  • Analyze American isolationism during the 1930s and its effect on world affairs.

Bell Ringer:

Report to Learning Commons and login to Schoology Account.


  1.  Watch Intro Adobe Voice Video
  2. Intro Prezi and Vocab
  3. Work on Vocab
  4. Meet with Groups A and B to intro WWII CLSAssign



Identify the causes for independence in the British colonies of what would become the US.

Analyze the social, economic and political reasons behind independence in the US.

Bell Ringer:

Copy Causes of Independence Web Chart from the Prezi in their notes that answers the question:  What Causes Independence? Focused on Society, Economics and Politics.


  1.  Pair Share ideas of Causes
  2. Discuss/HOA Comp text p 22-26 Recip Teach Card
  3. Review Predict/Quest/Clarify/Summary
  4. Read Ch 6 in American Promises

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