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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Answer the following questions using Ch 12 Sec 2: How did Korea become a divided nation after WWII?


Small Group
1. Korean War Inferences Trans 99
2. Reading Guide: Cold War Heats Up

3. McCarthyism CLSAssign

Whole Group Review
4. Korean War Background Recip Teach Guide

US History B

Bell Ringer:
Latino Movement Quickwrite collect


Small Group
1. GR: Rights Revolution expands

2. CLSAssign

Whole Group Review
3. Finish GR assign
4. CLS Assign and Paper due 1/21

World History B

Bell Ringer:

Complete the VOC Ch 30 Sec 4 with terms Rowlatt Acts, Amristar Massacre and Mohandas K. Gandhi. Students should define, write a question and sentence for each.

Whole Group
1. Work on VOC

Small Groups
2. Discuss SW Asian Ind Charts
3. Complete and turn in
4. Finish GR


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