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Welcome back from break!

US History A

Bell Ringer:

Work on Cold War VOC

Whole Group
1. Work on VOC/Disc Cold War abroad vs. home
2. Present McCarthyism CLSAssign

Small Group
3. Berlin Airlift Trans 98
4. Cold War Notes

5. McCarthyism CLSAssign

Whole Group Review
6. Disc VOC

US History B

Bell Ringer:
Complete the Kent St GR timed assessment. Students will have 10 min to answer questions for reading.


Whole Group
1. Finish GR
2. GV: Homefront Pt. III
3. Distribute 1960s CLSAssign/discuss

World History B

Bell Ringer:

Hand back movie questions

1. GV: Gandhi 2-3
2. Review questions
3. RG Ch 18 Sec 3