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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Report to MC


Whole Group
1. Complete Research Guide D-Day
2. Tell students to go watch clips for D-Day on Prezi

US History B

Bell Ringer:
the Ch 16 Sec 3/4 VOC with terms Tet Offensive, Robert Kennedy, Vietnamization, My Lai and Paris Peace Accords.


Whole Group
1. Work on VOC Ch 16 Sec 3/4

Small Group
2. Map Skills p 547
3. GR: Vietnam This is the End

4. CLSAssign Vietnam

World History B

Bell Ringer:

Create a Frayer Model for the term untouchables with a definition, sentence and question.

1. Review term
2. Watch Untouchables Doc
3. Work on GR: India’s Empire and Trade Spreads Indian Culture