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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Finish the following sentence: “I am…”

1. “I am…” Poem
2. Syllabus Breakdown/Webpage/Video
3. Quickwrite: Cornell Notes
4. Prezi Cornell Notes
5. Highlight Notes/Collect

US History B

Bell Ringer:

Copy JFK to LBJ Notes


Whole Group
1. Discuss Notes
2. JFK to LBJ Timeline Collage Webquest

Small Group
3. Great Society Reading Trans 108
4. New Frontier vs Great Society T – Chart
5. Paragraph Essay Comp/Contrast

6. Timelines

World History B

Bell Ringer:

Complete the Frayer Model for the term Subcontinent focusing on a visual image with a definition, question and sentence to describe it.


Whole Group
1. Discuss Frayer Model
2. Indian Subcontinent Map/Map Directions
3. Ch 1 Outline
4. World History B Syllabus/Letter Home

Small Group
5. Discuss monsoon and Harrapan Culture terms
6. GR: Planned Cities of the Indus.

7. Map Assign