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US History

Bell Ringer:

Get into groups/Recip Teach Korean War bckgrnd


Small Group
1. Work on Korean War bckgrnd/Discuss
2. Hunting Communists Cartoon Analysis

Whole Group
3. Discuss Chart Fear of Communism Chart
4. Fact and Opinion/Communist Infiltration Trans 100

Whole Group Review
5. Discuss Fear of Communism
6. CE Cold War Essay/CLSAssign

World History

Bell Ringer:

Copy down the Frayer Model for the term Umayyads focusing on a definition, example visual, sentence and questions.

1. Work on GR: Expansion and Culture of Islam

Small Group
2. Read Aloud Primary Source Qu’ran and complete RTG
Wrap Up
3. Expansion of Islam Chart
4. Terms/Questions RG Ch 10 Sec 2

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