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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Copy Civil Rights Web into notes.


Small Group
1. Segregation Timeline Trans 109
2. Geog App Brown v. Board

3. Civil Rights CLSAssign

Whole Group Review
4. GR: Early Demands for Equality

US History B

Bell Ringer:

Complete the VOC for Ch 20 Sec 1 and 2 with terms Globalization Bill Clinton, technology boom, 1993 World Trade Center bombing and Oklahoma City Bombing.


Whole Group
1. Work on VOC
2. GV: Clinton Pt. I and II
3. RG: Clinton Presidency

World History

Bell Ringer:
Complete the VOC for Ch 7 Sec 3 with terms Han dynasty Civil Service, Monopoly and Assimilation.
1. Work on Ch 7 Sec 3 VOC
2. RG Ch 7 Sec 3 Chart
3. Han Dynasty Chart/groups