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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Answer the following question What effect did “white flight” have on American cities? (Ch 13 Sec 4)


Whole Group
1. Discuss Question
2. Go over “The Other America” Notes
3. GR: 1950s

4. 1950s CLSAssign due today

US History B

Bell Ringer:

Hand in all formative assessments


Whole Group
1. Work on formatives
2. Complete Kahoot Review

World History

Bell Ringer:
Complete the Frayer Model for Mandate of Heaven where they will write down its definition, examine a sentence example, provide a question and view a visual image.
1. Discuss Frayer Model
2. Dynastic Cycle Chart
3. Finish East Asia Map
4. RG Ch 4 Sec 4
5. Go over Unit 3 Test