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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Complete the Ch 13 VOC for terms GI Bill of Rights, productivity, corporation, consumerism, Elvis and white flight.

Small Group
1. Chart Comp Trans 102
2. 1950s Cause and Effect Chart

3. 1950s Proj

Whole Group Review
4. Primary Source: Suburbia
5. 1950s RAFT


US History B

Bell Ringer:

complete the Frayer Model for Ronal Reagan using a definition, sentence, question and visual representation of the president.


Whole Group
1. Discuss Frayer Model
2. Occupational Wars CLSAssign

Small Group
3. Reagan Term Notes
4. GRP Reagan’s Final Address

5. CLSAssign due 3/7


World History

Bell Ringer:

Complete the VOC for Ch 28 Sec 2 for terms Treaty of Kanagawa, Meiji era and Russo-Japanese War . Students will need to write a definition, sentence and question for each term.

1. Work on VOC
2. Japan Meets West Chart
3. GV: Japan Meets West