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US History A

Bell Ringer:

Pick up the Cold War Guided Viewing Questions.


Whole Group
1. Finish CNN Cold War Series Episode 9 “The Wall”
2. Start CNN Cold War Series Episode 10 “Cuba”

Whole Group Review
3. Go over questions and collect
4. CLSAssign/CE Cold War paper due 2/7

US History B

Whole Group
1. Work on VOC
2. Ford and Carter Years Term Notes

Small Group
3. RG: Ford and Carter Years
4. 4 Column Vocab Activity

5. CLSAssign due 2/12


World History

Bell Ringer:
Complete the VOC for Ch 12 Sec4/5 with terms Shinto Bushido, shogun, Khmer Empire, Angkor Wat and Koryu Dynasty. Students will need to write a definition, sentence and question for each term.

1. Work on VOC
2. GR: Feudalism in Japan/Kingdoms of SE Asia
3. Finish GR