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US History A


Whole Group
1. WWII Minority Web Ch 11 Sec 2
2. Discuss findings

Small Group
3. Minority Docs and Analysis sheets
4. Reader’s Theater Assign

US History B

Bell Ringer:

Completing the Ch 17 Sec 3 VOC with terms: Cesar Chavez, AIM, migrant farmworker and Indian Self-Determination Act.


Small Group
1. RG Assign
2. Native Americans and Latinos Venn Diagram
3. NA and Latinos Essay Guidelines

Small Group
4. GR Assign

Small Group Review
5. Finish VOC/Go over Unit 1 Test


World History

Bell Ringer:

Watch final minutes of Ghandi

1. Go over GV questions as a group
2. Go over Unit 1 Assessment
3. Work on RG Ch 18 Sec 3/hand in