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US History A
Bell Ringer:

Find any seat. Write down objectives and agenda on sheet of ?paper.

1. Intro Cards/Give one and Take one
2. Syllabus Breakdown
3. Webpage
4. History Cartoon and Web

US History B
Bell Ringer:
Create a brainstorm web focusing on the Cold War and keying on background knowledge.


Whole Group
1. Discuss ideas as whole group
2. Ch 16 Sec 1 VOC
4. Go over Syllabus
5. GR: Vietnam Beginnings

6. Vietnam CLSAssign

World History
Bell Ringer:

Complete the Frayer Model for the term Subcontinent focusing on a visual image with a definition, question and sentence to describe it.

1. Discuss Frayer Model
2. Indian Subcontinent Map/Map Directions
3. Ch 1 Outline