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US History

Bell Ringer:

Answer the following question What effect did “white flight” have on American cities? (Ch 13 Sec 4)


Whole Group
1. Discuss Question
2. Go over “The Other America” Notes

Small Group
3. “Other America” and Recip Teach Response Sheets/Cards

4. 1950s CLSAssign due 11/7

Whole Group Review
5. 1950s RAFT due 11/7

World History
Bell Ringer:

Read the Analyzing Key Concepts on p. 780 and answer the following question: Which form of managing imperial interests do you think would be most effective and why?

1. Discuss Chart
2. Complete RG Ch 27 Sec 2
3. Discuss Benefit/Prob p 784
4. Go over Unit 3 Test/Unit 3 Cloze