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US History
Bell Ringer:

Complete the constructed response evaluating the better summary of selection of Michael Harrington’s “the Other America,” including questions analyzing the relationship between the increase in auto sales and growth of suburbia and its impact on American cities (Trans 105)


Whole Group
1. Go over Unit Test

Small Group
2. Work on GR: 1950s

3. 1950s CLSAssign

Whole Group Review
4. Rebel vs On the Road Comparison/Collect
5. 1950s RAFT /CLS Assign due 11/6

World History
Bell Ringer:

Complete the Frayer Model with the term imperialism in the center focused on a definition, visual example, sentence and questions? And discuss.

1. Discuss Frayer Model
2. Complete Ch 27 Sec 1 VOC
3. Imperialism Chart
4. RG Ch 27 Sec 1
5. Exit Slip