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US History
Bell Ringer:

Answer the question in notes: Do you think that the rise of TV had a positive or negative effect on Americans? Explain your opinion. Ch 13 Sec 3


Whole Group
1. Discuss answers
2. 1950s and Beatniks Notes
3. Watch Rebel w/o a Cause Clip

Small Group
3. Discuss 3 reasons
4. On the Road Recip Teach

5. 1950s CLSAssign due 11/6

Whole Group Review
6. 1950s RAFT due 11/6

World History
Bell Ringer:

Complete the Frayer Model for the term chattel on the unit prezi/PP.

1. Disc Frayer Model
2. Complete Ch 20 Sec 3 VOC
3. Comp Slavery T Chart
4. Atlantic Slave Chart QA
5. Slave Narrative Annotate/Form Assess Review