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US History
Bell Ringer:

Answer the following question using Ch 12 Sec 2 in text: What led to the Communist takeover in China?


Whole Group
1. Sequence chart to Korean War
2. Korean War Notes

Small Group
3. Korean War Inferences Trans 99
4. Reading Guide: Cold War Heats Up

5. McCarthyism CLSAssign

Whole Group Review
6. Disc Korean War Notes
7. CE Cold War Essay

World History
Bell Ringer:

Complete the Frayer Model for adaptation with focus on definition, example, visual image and sentence.

1. Discuss Frayer Model: Adaptation
2. Geog Skillbuilder p 214
3. RG Ch 8 Sec 1/collect
4. Discuss African Geography Chart
5. Distribute and discuss Formative Assess