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US History
Bell Ringer:

Read the Map Exercises on pg 346 and 76 and answer questions. ?Collect.


Whole Group
1. Discuss answers
2. Discuss End of War Timeline

Small Group
3. Truman tells Stalin Doc Analysis
4. Annotate “Hiroshima” Primary Source reading

5. Work on assign due 9/25

Whole Group
6. Discuss A bomb Philosp Chair guidelines
7. CE Paper due 9/25

World History
Bell Ringer:

Complete the Ch 2 VOC with terms: Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, city state, polytheism, Hammurabi, delta, pharaoh, theocracy, hieroglyphic and pyramid.

1. Work on Ch 2 VOC
2. River Valley Civ Maps
3. Meso/Egypt Comp/Contr Chart
4. Summary/Formative Assess

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