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US History
Bell Ringer:

Copy Isolationism vs. Interventionist T-Chart and answer the ?following question in notes: How did the outbreak of war in Europe ?impact American foreign policy?


Whole Group
1. Discuss Answer
2. Philosophical Chairs/Lend Lease p. 337

Small Group
3. Isolation vs Intervene T-Chart Today
4. Read Aloud Drawing Concl FDR/Pearl Harbor
5. Evaluate FDR’s response

6. Work on assign Due 9/25

Whole Group

7. Hand in Philosophical Chairs Reflection
8. Work on CE Paper 9/25

World History
Bell Ringer:
Look at the Characteristics of Civilizations List and copy in notes.

1. Review p 21/Characteristics
2. Economic/Social Change Notes
3. Add to Web
4. Pre Test