Monday 12/10/07

In Monday on December 10, 2007 at 11:59 am

US History

1. Bell Ringer: Answer question “What was the most significant aspect of the Dred Scott case on the issue of slavery?” using p. 299-300 in text.

2. Read Freeport Doctrine and discuss

3. Give students the Primary Source Lincoln-Douglass Debates and tell them they are to complete a slogan for the candidate they are given.

IB History of the Americas

1. Bell Ringer: Tell students to copy the Upper vs. Canada Rebellion T-Chart II

2. Go over this chart and review chart from previous day detailing the social, economic and political differences between the two rebellions.

3. Distribute the Comp Contrast Upper vs. Lower Canada Rebellion and Reform Guidelines and Rubric and go over as a class. The essay is due tom.

Reading Quiz on Ch. 11 Tom!

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