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Tuesday 10/30/07

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US History

Objective: Compare Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and analyze their effect on American politics.

1. Bell Ringer: Copy T-Chart on board.

2. Fill out Hamilton vs. Jefferson T-Chart

3. Discuss Hamilton vs. Jefferson Comparison Essay Guidelines and Rubric.

4. Work on Ch. 6 Timeline

IB History of the Americas


Analyze campaign materials from the 1828 Presidential election and interpret their effect on the American Political landscape.

Interpret ideas about federal vs. state control as argued through the Articles of Confederation up to and including the ratification of the US constitution.

Provide and in depth analysis of the effectiveness of both the Articles and Constitution on American Politics.

1. Bell Ringer: Take out paper and title Reading Quiz #7

2. Work on Reading Quiz #7

3. Finish working on the Document Based Analysis Project 1828 Election.

4. Doc Based Analysis Proj is due tomorrow.